M.O.M. Gives Back

M.O.M. enables people to help others while helping themselves. To this end, we encourage participation in running races and other fitness events in hopes of raising funds to distribute to deserving agencies and people.

Our giving is two-tiered. In 2008 the Kathleen Fisher Memorial Scholarship was established. To expand our giving and reach even more deserving candidates, we have established a National Scholarship and Community Outreach funds. We also award life and educational scholarships, as decided upon by the M.O.M. board, when we receive nominations and requests. If you know of a deserving individual or cause, please email us.

To aid in the our mission of “paying it forward”, we urge you to get involved as an event participant, event organizer, or supporter to pledge participants. We also greatly appreciate general donations or sponsorships to fund the M.O.M. mission.


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