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Mind Over Matter (M.O.M.) was created to honor the spirit of Kathleen Fisher, who taught her children and those around her to live life to its fullest. Kathleen’s motto: work hard, play harder! Always the adventurous one, Kathleen was never scared to try a new thrill ride or attempt a black diamond on the ski hill. Tragically, Kathleen lost her battle with cancer in April, 2008 although her strength, love, compassion, energy and positive spirit lives on.

M.O.M. was founded around a shared desire to pay tribute to Kathleen Fisher, but we know not everyone had the opportunity to get to know her. That said, we have all been blessed with inspirational, indomitable people in our lives. These people have nurtured and strengthened us, giving us the inspiration to put Mind Over Matter into practice, on race days and beyond.

We have created this group in hopes of using our collective energy and spirits to give aid to those less fortunate, all the while] honoring ourselves and those who have made a difference in our lives.

M.O.M. was established as a non-profit organization on Jan. 5, 2010. Its purpose is to encourage “personal wellness” and “community betterment” – enabling people to help others while helping themselves.

Our inaugural event was in January, 2010, at the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon, in Phoenix. Many of the participants ran their first ever marathon or half marathon! Whether a veteran runner or a novice, we encourage you to get involved and share in the spirit!

In an effort to serve the community and “pay it forward,” M.O.M. gives back through our educational and life scholarships, summer camperships as well as other community & needs-based giving. Click for more information on M.O.M. Outreach.

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  1. I would like to nominate our grandchildren for campership help. Alexis is 16 and wishes to pursue swim in college and would benefit from a swim camp. She has been competing since 4 yrs. old. Our grandson Ian is 14, and wishes to compete in football. He is actively participating in football, basketball, baseball, track, and swim. These children lost their dad suddenly to a heart attack and mom is trying to help them attain their goals. Campership help would help her help them. Thank you for considering them.
    Sincerely, Mary and Dave Filter at

  2. Campership applications are now available. Go to http://www.getitdunnrun.com in the “About Us” page to find the application or to Mind Over Matter’s Facebook page for the link to the application form. Thanks.

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